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Judes S. Palo Alto, CA

5 star rating


We were very last minute with our wedding planning and managed to find Terry Cole of the Spinheads at the last minute.  He was luckily available on our day.  Terry was very professional and super about making our wedding a wonderful and fun event.  All our guests had a blast dancing.  He was great with cuing us and kept us on schedule throughout the night.  It just felt like he had a natural instinct for the music to match any moment.  During the evening, we kept changing things around and he just flowed with it without a glitch.  He made everything worry-free for us so that we could truly enjoy our reception and hang out with the guests.  Terry also has a great collection of music that he can recommend.  Highly recommended!!!



Scott W. San Francisco, CA

5 star rating


You couldn't ask for more!

My beloved and I decided to hire a DJ for our wedding in May. We found a few with excellent reviews on Yelp!

Terry was professional and enthusiastic from the start. Although he was on vacation in Japan, he took the time to have a brief email correspondence.

When he returned, he invited us to his house, where we got to see the famous 'Wall of Music' (actually now a double wall...), not to mention some excellent poster art. We had a simple and easy conversation about what music we liked, and it was clear that Terry knew a LOT of music and artists.

We took care of the paperwork and details without hassle.

A day before the wedding, I emailed Terry a list of songs i had found on browsing my collection. I told him these were only suggestions, given the short time frame. Yet, most of these made it into our wedding reception the next day.

Terry was an all-out nice guy! We left it all in his hands, and he took over with great tunes, beautiful transitions, and excellent energy. I LOVED the music, and couldn't have had more fun dancing. Everyone had a great time, from the 8 year old nephew to my wonderful aunt and uncle (who have been married over 63 years)!

We would HIGHLY recommend Terry in every respect. BTW, I am an ex-professional musician, and a bit fussy. No troubles here!

We give Terry the full two thumbs up!


J S. San Francisco, CA

5 star rating


Peter Haley at Spinheads is the best wedding DJ ever! He had everyone dancing the whole time, from babies to 30-somethings to grandparents. People said our wedding was a RAGER and they loved being on the dance floor.

We highly recommend him!

He also is an expert with all of the details, from making sure the mics work perfectly during the ceremony, to cue-ing the ceremony music, and making unobtrusive announcements during the reception.  He was completely in tune with what we wanted.

I have now been to 3 weddings that Peter DJ'd and at each one people are dancing the whole time.



Mosephus D. Berkeley, CA

5 star rating


As you can see from the stars, I highly recommend the Spinheads. Peter Haley was the DJ for my wedding and before I describe the great job he did, I'll offer for added background that I first saw Peter DJ over ten years ago when he worked at my Uncle's wedding. I saw Peter some years later when he was working a wedding in my brother in law's family. Peter did the ceremony sound and music at that wedding in addition to the reception. Both weddings were great and people loved Peter's style.

If you don't like long reviews and would rather skip my description of why Peter was so great, then here is the condensed version: He's an experienced professional  who loves music, knows weddings, he's easy to work with, AND he's reasonably priced. Hire him.

For those of you who want to know why I so strongly recommend Peter, here you are:

So I knew that I wanted to contact the Spinheads while my fiance and I were planning our wedding because I'd danced to his sounds twice already. I knew he was a pro but my fiance didn't know him at all. She was completely won over after our meeting with Peter. We had a great time talking about music, sharing stories and sharing our thoughts about what makes a great wedding. It was obvious to us that Peter loved music and that he loved helping people celebrate with music. In fact, we planned some elements of our wedding based on ideas that came up in our meeting with Peter. He helped us create some of the very special memories that we'll always carry with us.

In addition to Peter's friendly and welcoming demeanor, he was a seasoned professional. He knew all the right questions to ask and he was ready and able to work with our other vendors. For example, Peter did the sound for our ceremony and reception and we were fortunate enough to have the Mission Dolores Basilica Choir sing at our ceremony. Peter not only contacted the Choir director to discuss logistics but he also paid a visit to the church to make sure their keyboard would connect with his own equipment.

He didn't overlook any details and it showed in the quality of his work at our wedding. The ceremony sound was perfect and his equipment was unobtrusive. Then from the moment he introduced us at the reception to our last dance, my wife and I did not once have to worry about the flow of the evening. Peter facilitated everything with efficiency and grace. His music for the dancing was right on the mark. We had given him some "must plays," and then a bunch of other songs and groups that we really liked. He had people on the dance floor the entire time. My wife and I had a blast.

As you can tell, I fully endorse Peter as a DJ. He is enjoyable to work with and he is extremely capable, both musically and technically. He delivers high quality for a reasonable price.




Walter F. Berkeley, CA

5 star rating


Peter DJ'd our wedding and he was awesome!  He was able to easily assemble our playlist before the wedding and if he didn't have the right song, he got it immediately so that we could make sure we had the right music.
He didn't assume anything which was great!  He asked a lot of questions and was on top of things.  He was able to accomodate creating different moods in the different rooms during the reception, dinner and dance portion of the event and that worked out so well in creating an event that went from elegant to exciting.
My guests also enjoyed interacting with Peter and said he really rocked the house!  He was able to read the crowd and get people on the dance floor and he is really passionate about what he does.

I definitely recommend the spinheads for weddings!




WANDA R. San Francisco, CA

5 star rating


If you want your next party, wedding or special occasion to be a success, be sure to hire The Spinheads.  Peter Haley is great!- So full of energy and enthusiasm as well as organized and professional!  I give them 5 stars.


colin c.Alameda, CA

5 star rating


Peter really helped with our wedding. Not only from a musical stand point, but from an orgizational one as well. He was able to help us create the flow of people from one point to another we needed using music as the guide. I cannot recommend him enough. You will not be disappointed.


Julie K. San Francisco, CA

5 star rating


Spinheads ROCK, they are definitely the DJ's you want for your next event.



Julie T. San Francisco, CA

5 star rating


Peter Haley from the Spinheads ROCKED THE HOUSE! There was so much energy in the room and he kept it up all night long. Our Friends and Family absolutely loved the music and would've stayed longer if they could (wedding was at 2:30 and we went to midnight). We had a lot of family out from New York that couldn't stop talking about how spectacular he was. My sister in law even requested Peter's name and number to fly him out for weddings back East. We had so much fun at our wedding and we agree that a huge reason why was because of our fabulous DJ!!! 5 STARS and 2 THUMBS UP!



matt k. San Francisco, CA

5 star rating


Wow, I am stoked I can finally yelp you guys!
Last June I got Married and I had Terry of The Spinheads DJ for our reception -- which I will get to in a moment. The first thing I want to say is that without Terry, our reception would have been a Charlie Foxtrot -- we had an idea of what we wanted to do, but not exactly of how it would work. Terry was able to give form to what we wanted to do. From the mingling music (Sinatra, Martin, Italian), to our entrance (The Cure), The toast, the first dances, cake cutting...  Terry took care of EVERYTHING!!!

Now the important part... The music was top notch. Terry knows how to really read his audience, the dance floor was packed the entire night. He played it all: Music for the Grandparents (Glen Miller - In the Mood), the folks (Van Morrison, The Beatles), and what we wanted -- 80's Music.


I agree.

Almost done... Almost the best part. towards the end of the night, Terry  hands me a stack of Cd's with the covers saying "Matt and Andrea's Wedding." On the CD -- EVERY SONG HE PLAYED AT OUR RECEPTION! So now we listen to the Cd's and relive the greatest moments of our lives right in our living room.

The best part... VERY AFFORDABLE!

you won't find any better. Stop looking. If you want to have the best night of your life, Hire the Spindeads!!!



Dennis H. San Carlos, CA

5 star rating


Our wedding was a few months away, we had decided on a disc jockey, and my wife had heard about The Spinheads from a previous wedding.  We went to their site and looked them up.

The Spinheads are DJ partners Terry Cole and Peter Haley.  Peter wasn't available for our date, but Terry was, and we scheduled an appointment to visit him and plan our reception.

He invited us to his apartment, and the first thing you notice is his wall of CD's ('and there are plenty more in the back').  The next thing you notice is that he is a genuinely nice guy; he listened well, was excited about working with you, and was open to almost anything we said (It's Your Day).

There is little doubt that Terry had 'Been There, Done That.'  He gave us a list of songs that were popular, but then it turned into an 'I Love The 70's/80's/90's' quiz show (which my wife and I are pretty good), and I don't think we stumped him once.  He simply had, and knew, almost everything we've heard over a variety of musical tastes ranging from rock to classical to jazz.  He took good notes, and we defintely felt like he knew what we wanted.  He had an interesting life in San Francisco and it was fun chatting about that for a while.  We concluded with a discussion of price, and I am glad to say that it was under my planned budget.

He also had a lot of good suggestions for planning the reception, he knows the wedding scene and the venues, and he helped out a lot in developing the agenda.

Next stop:  Wedding Day.  He arrived at the venue early and prepared well.  After the reception, he had music playing in the background while the cocktail hour was going on, and he introduced us to the song we requested.  

He MC'd the planned toasts well, and he covered up for my drunken-relative non-scheduled, impromptu I-Love-You-Man-Family-Toast (ever notice the people you want to throw out of the wedding are the people that you can't?).

He did go 'off-list' once or twice (we found out later it was from requests), but not obtrusively, and he knew how to bring crowds back on to the floor based on our selections.    

He was open to the other guests and kept them going until 11:00 or so, and wrapped it up at the time we wanted.  He also concluded his business with me with a Special Surprise that I choose not to list; however, it was that little bit that made me add the extra star to the rating.

All-in-all, there's a reason why the Spinheads only advertise by word-of-mouth, anyone who hires them will pass their information along to their friends.



Sara B. San Francisco, CA

5 star rating


Peter Haley, a DJ at Spinheads, recently DJ'd our wedding.  My husband and I got married at the Great American Music Hall and wanted a young fun vibe to the wedding, but also to be able to accommodate the older more traditional crowd.  

We met with Peter, who, in all honesty, we weren't sure about, but we had been given his name through a friend.  He was absolutely perfect!!!  He met with us beforehand and had such great song ideas for both the ceremony and reception.  He "got" us right away--we wanted music from Frank Sinatra to Snoop.  We wanted him to guide the evening, but not be too obvious.  No cheese (no YMCA or chicken dances!).  He took just a handful of songs we gave him and created an absolutely perfect playlist based from that.  We had all our friends dancing, but also all the older crowd, too--even an 80-year-old grandma.  

Peter came to our rehearsal (for free!) and made sure he was ready for the night, but also played the music for the ceremony so that our wedding party would know their cues.  His fee was TOTALLY reasonable for all he did and he was classy and a complete professional.  Our friends and family have all since complimented how smooth he was and he intuited exactly what/how/when to play.  My husband and I are in our twenties and were skeptical because we really wanted songs our friends would dance to, but also to have 'adults' out there, too.  It was perfect.  

You can just tell that Peter is super experienced and can read a crowd effortlessly.  He knows a ton about weddings and how they should flow.  He's also just really nice.  My husband and I both highly recommend him!!!


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